Since the 1970s, T-Link’s executives have been working with companies to assist them in sourcing products in China & Asia with a full range of services.

We can identify the highest quality, most competitive factories for your products. Partner up with us as your local sourcing team in China and Asia. We will research, inspect and ensure you are getting the right product from the right places/

Manufacturing Design

T-Link can provide advice and counsel to help make products as manufacturable as possible to insure high quality at the lowest possible cost.

Full Product Development Support

T-Link can consult on all process and creative aspects of product development from initial specifications through packaging, safety agency approvals and other aspects of product design.

Vendor Selection

Based on your products, T-Link may already know well qualified factories for their production. If not, they will use their contacts developed from many years working in Asia to identify the most appropriate factories for the project.

Vendor Qualification

We make on-site visits with plant surveys and management interviews, we do secondary research on qualifications, check references and do as much due diligence as possible to develop a list of potential qualified vendors.

Product Quotations

Work with vendors to have them clearly understand your product requirements to minimize cost and assure product functionality and appearance.


Because of our long history in working with Asian factories, and with our ability to function as intermediaries, we are in an ideal position to negotiate on your behalf

Factory Liaison

There is typically a great deal of communication that takes place between customers and vendors. By serving as our intermediaries we can prevent misunderstandings and problems created by cultural and language barriers.

Factory Visits

We find it is sound policy to have customers visit potential factories before awarding jobs and to periodically visit during production. We can handle all of the arrangements and logistics of factory visits.

Quality Control and Inspection

Please see our separate section on Quality Control and Inspection


We work with your freight forwarders to minimize cost and maintain shipping schedules.